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Alavus windows’ strengths


  • Alavus Ikkunat Oy is a 100% Finnish-owned company in a private ownership
  • Suomen Asiakastieto Oy’s credit rating AA+
  • Great success in window testing
  • MSE/A window fulfills the maximum values of the VTT weather test

    • Airproofness class 4
    • Rainproofness class E1200
    • Wind pressure resistance class C3
    Both with normal outer sash and with windowpanes
  • Fixed EKA window fulfills the maximum values of the VTT weather test

    • Airproofness class 4
    • Rainproofness class E1200
    • Wind pressure resistance class C4
  • Windows and doors are manufactured in a factory located in Rantatöysä, Alavus. Carefully selected pinewood is the foundation of our high quality products. Not all materials are available domestically, but they are still further refined in Finland. As our aluminium-, paint-, glass- and blind suppliers we have selected domestic companies that have their production located in Finland.
Suomen Vahvimmat Alavus Ikkunat

Surface treatment

  • Wooden parts are gone through by hand before priming and another time before the actual painting to ensure a high quality surface treatment in our products.
  • As a primer we use solvent thinnable, double component polyurethane paint, which increases the protection against fiber ascendance and pitch staining compared to water thinnable paint.
  • Products are painted in parts, so there is paint also on the surfaces that are left inside corners. We also paint the spaces for lock counterparts.
Ikkunapuitteen hionta

Outer sash

  • Aluminiums jointed in the corner with a separate screwable corner piece (sturdy corner joint, openable afterwards) ((Picture 1)
  • Groove glazing (no separate plastic glazing beads)
  • Glass sealing from both sides with silicone (ensuring the waterproofness)
  • Outer sash latches as a standard (no separate handle) ((Picture 2)
  • Available also an outer sash with genuine windowpanes, either 32 or 64 mm
  • Laser marking enables tracking of the products (Picture 3)
  • Autolock hold-open device as a standard in ventilation windows (Picture 4)
Ikkunan kulmapala
(Picture 1)
Ikkuan lukon vaantonuppi
(Picture 2)
Ikkunan lasermerkkaus
(Picture 3)
(Picture 4)

Inner sash

  • As a seal Schlegell’s unshrinkable polyethylene-coated polyurethane foam seal (protected against the weather and UV-light, regains its shape well) (Picture 5)
  • Available for the sash both modern straight (standard) and classic curved edges (Picture 6)
  • When glazing, sealing (2x) is done with neutral silicone and hybrid polymer mass (compatibility tests with insulated glass suppliers)
  • In insulated glasses SuperSpacer foam spacer as a standard (improves performance around the sash’s perimeter)
Schlegell ikkuan tiiviste
(Picture 5)
Ikkunan jakopuite
(Picture 6)


  • Corner joint sealing always with glue (Picture 7)
  • Groove sealing on the inside attached with a staple (Picture 7)
  • Water stoppers on the aluminium profile casing at the bottom of the frame (Picture 8)
  • Outside frame sealing glued at the end (Picture 9)
  • Frame painting (1x) also on the opposing side
  • Metallic Morite lock counterparts
  • Air gaps on fresh air vents are milled into the aluminium profile (no separate grill) (Picture 10)
Ikkunan karmikulman liimaus
(Picture 7)
Ikkunan alakarmin vesistoppari
(Picture 8)
Ikkunan karmitiivisteen liimaus
(Picture 9)
Ikkunan Raitisilmaventtiili
(Picture 10)

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