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Signal window

Especially in new buildings, there may be problems with the reception of mobile phones, as energy-efficient building materials in the exterior walls of buildings and modern windows weaken the signal of mobile phones. The solution to this problem is signal windows. The glass parts of the signal windows pass through the radio signals of mobile phones and wireless networks, ensuring good connections indoors.

The signal glasses can be installed on both fixed and openable windows. The signal glass does not impair the U-value of the windows and does not prevent the use of other accessories such as blinds and special glazing. The signal window is virtually maintenance free and does not require a separate power to operate. In appearance and installation, the signal window is no different from ordinary windows.

Signaali ikkuna sisältäpäin kuvattuna
Signal window from the inside

Signaali ikkuna ulkoapäin kuvattunaSignal window from the outside

To ensure the best possible reception, it is advisable to place the signal windows especially on the wall on the base station side of the telecom operators. When placing signal windows, you should also take into account the building environment and the reflection of signals from the surfaces. We therefore recommend placing one signal window in each room of the apartment.

Radiosignal glasses

  • Good signal transmission can be achieved without degrading the U-value of the window
  • The advantage of the FGL RS solution is that the entire area of the glass transmits signals, thus better avoidingdead spaces
  • The solution also works in a weak signal field (vs. passive antennas)
  • Radio signals pass through FGL RS-glass 4355 times better than normal glass (5g in the 3500MHz range).


  Attenuation point at frequencies [dB]
  0 MHz 900 MHz 2100 MHz 2600 MHz  3500 MHz
Average penetration of typical windows with attenuations    21  34  39 41
FGL RS 0  0,53 3,04  6,27  4,61