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MSEP 1+2 traditional openable wood window

MSEP 1+2 is a openable wood window, that suits for traditional houses. Old, historically valuable sites also need windows. We want to take part in renovation of these valued sites, and at the same time show respect for old carpenter's skills.

Openable wood window MSEP 1+2 technical information

MSEP VinoreunainenWood products: Frame of several parts glued and finger jointed pine, no knots on visible surfaces. Sash in painted window is finger jointed with no visible knots, stained window has EFFEX-pine sashes.

Aluminium parts: Lower frame and horizontal frame aluminium casings

Frame depth: 130, 150, 170, 210 mm.

Surface treatment: Wooden parts painted or stained, storm list of aluminium (white RAL 9010 or brown RR32).

Glazing: Inner sash double selective glass element filled with argon gas, outer sash 4mm float glass.

Insulation: Inner sash double standard insulation, outer sash single standard insulation.

Fittings: Inner and outer sash pivot hinges M8/12*30/35, inner frame latches and locks manufacturer's standards as well as outer sash lock. Counterparts metal, ventilation windows with venting hardware. Covers installed, handles for ventilation parts unattached.

U-factor: 0,93 W/m2K