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Fire-resistant windows

Alavus ikkunat paloikkunaOur collection includes CE-cerficated EI15 and Ei30 fire-resistan windows. Fire-resistant windows are openable, double sash wood-aluminium window that has received the fire-resistance classification EI15 or EI30. Window structures' impermeability (E) and insulation (I) meet National Building Code of Finland requirements as well as European classification standard SFS-EN 16034 requirements for EI15 and EI30 fire-resistance classification.

The interior moulding of our fire-resistant window differs slightly from our other MSEA woodaluminium windows. In all other ways the appearance of our fire-resistant window is identical to our normal aluminium window.

CE-certification requires that the window and its frame be no more than 1690 mm wide and 2390 mm high (max 4m2). Frame depth can be 130, 150, 170 or 210 mm. The window cannot have ventilation fittings, blinds or window panes.


Technical information for fire-resistant windows MSEA/EI30 and MSEA/EI15 with CE-certificate

Structure: Double-sash window openable to the inside, interior frame with fire-resistant glass. Exterior frame surface with AI's standard aluminium casing. OUTER SASH ENTIRELY ALUMINIUM Windows AI structure, frame finger-jointed knot-free pine. 

Surface treatment: Wooden parts painted or stained, aluminium parts powder coated or anodised

Insulation: Factory standard insulation

- inner sash with double fire-resistant glass 
- outer sash with 4 mm float glass

Fittings: Screw holes and plastic plugs as per RT, interior and exterior sashes with pivot hinges M8/12*30/30 Fe/Zn, interior sashes lock Primo 71 Fe/Zn, counterpart Morite Fe/Zn, exterior sashes lock Fiskars 2100, surface fittings in windows painted white Fe/JVA (white).


You can read fire-reistant windows certificate 0416-CPR-11988-01 here. (Only in finnish)