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EKA 2K is fixed wood-aluminium window, which has 2K glass element. With these features EKA 2K window suits perfectly for semi-warm and cold cottages, garages, storages and for corresponding spaces. The window is structurally wood, but the exterior parts have aluminium profile casings.


Fixed wood-aluminium window EKA 2K technical information

EKA 2KWood products: Frame of several parts glued and finger jointed pine (RT 41-10431).

Aluminium parts: Outer casings of frame and outer glazing bead aluminium.

Frame depth: 92, 130, 150 and 170 mm

Surface treatment: Wood parts painted or stained, aluminium parts powder coated, anodized or decoral wood pattern surface treatment.

Glazing: 2K insulation glass filled with argon gas.

U-factor: < 1.4 W/m2K

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