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kiinteat2Fixed wood-aluminium windows are structurally wood, but exterior parts have aluminium profile casings. Window type EKA is glazed from the outside, which presents challenges in possible replacement of glass. 



EKA glazning Rw [dB] Rw+C [dB]
(aircraft noise)
Rw+Ctr [dB]
(traffic noise)
EKA standard glazing  31  29 26 
EKA db1 glazing 40 39 35
EKA db2 glazing  44 43 40

Fixed wood-aluminium window EKA technical information

ekaWood products: Frame of several parts glued and finger jointed pine (RT 41-10431).

Aluminium parts: Outer casings of frame and outer glazing bead aluminium.

Frame depth: 130, 150 ,170 ,210 mm

Surface treatment: Wooden parts painted or stained, aluminium parts powder coated, anodised or Decoral wood pattern surface treatment.

Glazing: triple selective glass element filled with argon gas

U-factor: starting at 0,59 W/m2K


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