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Garage doors

A garage can have many different uses. It can be a storage space for a car or it may also store family's sports and leisure equipment. Whatever the purpose, the garage door must be easy to use, pleasing to the eye as well as energy efficient.


The lift door is typically equipped with a motor, which is operated by remote control. The door is safe to use, since it has automatical safety stop, which prevents the door from closing if there is a person or a family's beloved pet underneath. A remote-controlled lift door is easy to use for children as well and sports equipment may find its way back to the garage or storage, when the door is opened with the remote control. The lift door panels are finger-protected, therefore, you do not have to worry about your child's fingers getting trapped.


Special attention has been paid to the structure of the door and the durability of the materials. The door element is 40mm thick and it is insulated with polyurethane. The door leaf has sealings around it and it has an extra sealing at the bottom. The rails are made of galvanized steel. The lifting springs are fall protected in case of breakage of a spring. The standard color of the lift door is white but it is also available in brown, grey and other colors on request. The surface of the panel is sheet steel, but can also be manufactured of aluminum on request.

The lifting mechanism of the lift door can be implemented in various ways depending on the space. A low lift saves space and allows maintaining the height of the opening at its original height if the space from the opening to the ceiling is limited.

Autotallin Nosto Ovi You can come and see the lift door model at the OUTLET store at Järviluomantie 2, 63300 Alavus.

What needs to be considered when purchasing a garage door?

Is the lift door the only access to the garage? Remember to equip the lift door with a wicket door or an emergency lock, which allows you to release and lift the door, for example during a black-out.

Door accessories

Do you want comfort and easiness with a wall-mounted code lock, which allows you to open the lift door with a personal access code without using the remote control?

Have you also remembered to take care of the ventilation of the garage? Do you need a vent to the garage door to provide enough fresh air?

Is there enough natural light in the garage?

The windows do not only provide more light to the garage but they make the door more appealing. Round windows are also available.

Autotallin Nosto Ovi leikkausThe door leaf is 40mm thick and it is insulated with polyurethane. There is also sealing at the bottom.