Alavus Standard exterior door

Alavus Standard exterior door with a 60 mm door leaf suits for you, when you need a door with standard measurements [9/10x21], and painted to a color that you have chosen. Standard door is available in one colored, 115 mm frame depth, and in standard measurements 890 mm x 2090 mm or 990 mm x 2090 mm. 

Standard exterior door collection

Alavus Standard exterior door technical information:

Ulko ovi 60mm leikkauskuvaStructure: exterior grooved, interior smooth. Surface panels HDF + aluminium, special thermal insulation, insulation thickness 53 mm, door frame: pine + laminated veneer timber hardener. Frame three sides knot-free finger-jointed, glued pine.

Frame depth: Standard 115 mm

Doorstep: Hardwood with aluminium protective strip

Seal: 1 x standard seal, double seal on doorstep

Surface treatment: Standard white NCS S0502-Y. Special colors at additional cost.

Fittings Hinges 3 Abloy 3248-110, lock case Abloy LC-102, striker plate Abloy LP 721. Surface fittings not included in delivery.

Glazing: double selective glass element filled with argon gas. Inner glass standard with pattern.

U-factor: Solid door 0,80 W/m2K Glass-paneled starting at 0,93 W/m2K