Alavus Arctic exterior door

Alavus Arctic exterior doors with a 80 mm door leaf, suits for you if you want a sturdy door with particularly good U-value, e.g. for passive house. Alavus Arctic door can be made with 115, 130, 150, 170 or 210 mm frame depth and is painted to the color of your choice. If you like to play with colors, the glazing beads can be painted with different color than the door. The door can also be two colored, when the internal color is different from the external color. You can choose a design from our wide Arctic door range or even design a door of your own. Add more grandeur to your door with a sidelight, which can be fixed or with hinges. Pair doors are also available.



U-value [W/m2K] Rw [dB] Rw+C [dB]
(aircraft noise)
Rw+Ctr [dB]
(traffic noise)
A80 windowless door 0,62  26   24   24 
A80 door with glass-panel 0,77 29 27  26 


Arctic exterior door collection



Arctic sidelights collection

Opening sidelights (code A) and fixed sidelights (code K) available. Openable sidelights are set in the same frame with the door, fixed sidelights are separate units.

alavusovet avattavan levikkeen raunasalpaThe latch to an opening sidepanel.

Alavus Arctic exterior door technical information:

Ulko ovi 80mm leikkauskuvaStructure: exterior grooved, interior smooth. Surface panels HDF + aluminium, special thermal insulation, insulation thickness 73 mm, door frame: pine + laminated veneer timber hardener. Frame three sides knot-free finger-jointed, glued pine,

Frame depth: 115, 130, 150, 170 and 210 mm.

Doorstep: Hardwood with aluminium protective strip

Seal: double standard seal, including doorstep

Surface treatment: Standard white NCS S0502-Y. Special colors and two-color painting at additional cost.

Fittings: Hinges 4 Abloy 3248-110, lock case Abloy LC-102, striker plate Abloy LP 721. Surface fittings not included in delivery.

Glazing: triple selective glass element filled with argon gas. Middle glass standard with pattern.

U-factor: solid door 0,62 W/m2K glass-paneled starting at 0,68 W/m2K