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IOU/A dB single leaf sound proof balcony door

IOU/A balcony doors have two soundproof versions dB1 and dB2. In these soundproof doors we use laminated glass and special insulation. IOU/A dB looks same as IOU/A balcony door with aluminium surface and wooden inside.

Standard aluminium colors are:

RAL 9010 (white)
RAL 7040 (light grey)
RAL 7024 (dark grey)
 RR 32 (dark brown)

Representation of the colours on the screen may differ from painted samples. Please always check the chosen shade from a printed color chart or painted sample.

Loud SpeakerIOU/A dB- balcony door strengths


  • triple seal
  • soundproof glass inside and outside as well as argon gas fill (triple sealed glass)
  • fully hardwared (espaglonette lock system, handle-operated venting hardware, pulling handle)
  • hardwood doorstep
  • special soundproofing thermal insulation

Soundproof values:

Product Rw [dB] Rw+C [dB]
(aircraft noise)
Rw+Ctr [dB]
(traffic noise)
IOU/A dB1 14M 42 41  37 
IOU/A dB1 full glass  41  40  36 
IOU/A dB2 14M  42  41  38 
IOU/A dB2 full glass  42  41  38 

Single leaf soundproof wood-aluminum balcony door IOU/A dB technical information

Structure: single leaf, outward opening door, total thickness 79 mm, frame structure glued laminated pine, thickness 68 mm, thermal insulation for windowless portion special soundproof insulation, thickness of windowless portion 52 mm. Door panel and frame with aluminium overlay.

Frame depth: 130, 150, 170, and 210 mm

Doorstep: Hardwood with aluminium protective strip

Seal: triple standard seal

Surface treatment: Wooden parts painted or stained, aluminium parts powder coated, anodised or Decoral wood pattern treated.

Hardware: 4 hinges Abloy 3248-110TMKSS, espagnolette Assa S3105 130, venting hardware Assa 150/4 handle-operated, handle Hoppe Tokyo 0710, handles both sides, break-in protection bar, turning/locking pin, interior pulling handle, cylinder locking option (Abloy CY803)

Glazing: triple glass, inner and outer glass soundproof glass, double selective + argon. Glass height can be selected according to adjacent window, for example 12M - 18M.

U-factor: Starting at 0,75 W/m2K