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Balcony and terrace doors from a Finnish manufacturer

Our range of balcony doors includes IOU/A and IPO/A aluminum doors as well as E70_IOU and A80_IOU exterior doors, which are suitable for balcony or terrace doors. All balcony doors are available in 130, 150, 170 and 210 mm frame depth and the door measurements can be selected freely.

Aluminium surface balcony doors

The two types of doors differ in their features. IPO/A doors are double-leaf doors, one opening to the inside and one to the outside. IOU/A doors have only one door leaf opening to the outside. Due to the double doors, IPO/A doors have better soundproofing.

Alavus parveke ovet lankavedinThe pulling handle of an IOU/A balcony door.

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IOU/A balcony doors handle from inside and outside

IOU/A, and IPO/A doors are always equipped with an espagnolette lock system and venting hardware. Venting hardware enables the door to be locked in the ventilation position. The door closes and opens by turning the handle. A multi-function espagnolette can be installed at the factory as an option, so the door has a daytime function and the door can also be closed by pushing. As standard IOU/A Hoppe Tokyo 0710 handle and an interior pulling handle also that is installed at the factory.  IPO/A doors have as standard a Primo 83  handle.

Aluminium surface doors, IOU/A, and IPO/A, are designed to be compatible with aluminium windows. The balcony door glass height can be specified according to the height of the adjacent window. A full-glass balcony door is an option also.

Alavus Ikkunat parvekeovi
Frame 170 mm
U-value [W/m2K] Rw [dB] Rw+C [dB]
(aircraft noise)
Rw+Ctr [dB]
(traffic noise)
IOU/A 14M 0,74  32   30   28 
IOU/A full glass 0,73 36 34  28 
IOU/A dB1 14M 0,82  42   41   37 
IOU/A dB1 full glass 0,75  41  40  36 
IOU/A dB2 14M 0,94  42   41   38 
IOU/A dB2 full glass 0,85  42   41   38 
IPO/A 14M 1,0 45 43 37
IPO/A dB1 full glass 1,0 47 45 40



Panel IOU balcony doors

You can choose from two different options in panel IOU balcony doors, Alavus Energy door with 70 mm door leaf or Alavus Arctic door with 80 mm door leaf. In an Energy door the insulation thickness is 63 mm and in an Arctic door the insulation thickness is 73 mm. Because an IOU balcony door has the same structure as an exterior door, it has a LC102 lock case. If needed, the door can be equipped with an espagnolette lock system and venting hardware, so it is suitable for example for balcony ventilation use. IOU balcony door has a HDF-surface, which is painted to the color of your choice. IOU door can also be painted with two colors, allowing the inside and the outside to have different colors.

IOU 2011 5 IOU vaaka 6 IOU whole glass RAL1000 173 

U-value [W/m2K] Rw [dB] Rw+C [dB]
(aircraft noise)
Rw+Ctr [dB]
(traffic noise)
E70 IOU   0,91 29 27 26
E70 IOU full glass 0,94 29 27 26
A80 IOU 0,77 29 27 26
A80 IOU full glass 0,79 29 27 26