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Apartment doors

Kkerrostaso-ovi SO_EI30 kilpiA type approval plate

Our SO_EI30/30 apartment doors are type approved. A type approved and tested fire-resistant door has an important role, when there is a life on the line. The right fire product in the right place can give you the critical and important extra minutes for rescue at the last moment. Nowadays the apartment doors are soundproofed so well, that two door leafs are not necessarily needed. This enhances not only comfort in everyday life, but also fire safety.

After the fire resistance tests were performed, there were few restrictions set for the type approved apartment doors. The maximum size for a door without a mail slot is 11 x 21 (1090 mm x 2090 mm) or 10 x 23 (990 mm x 2290 mm) and with a mail slot 10 x 21 (990 mm x 2090 mm). The type approved doors have a type approval plate which informs the fire class, number of the type approval, manufacturer’s information and year of manufacture.

All of our apartment doors have EI30 fire-resistance classification and Rw 37 dB soundproof. The standard frame depth is 92 mm, but the door can also be manufactured with 130, 150, 170 and 200 mm frame depth. As an accessories for apartment door you can choose mail slot, doorbell, peephole and safety lock.

Apartment doors are available ;

  • veneered: oak, birch, beech and hazel
  • laminated: white, grey, oak, beech and Formica´s laminates
  • painted with desired tone, when the door can also be grooved. 

Veneer door models

Alavus Kerrostaso ovet viilutettuOak veneer apartment doors

Painted door models

Alavus Kerrostaso ovet valkoiseksi maalatutWhite painted apartment doors

Laminated door models

Alavus Sisäovi
Alavus Sisäpalo-ovi
White laminated apartment doors

Apartment door SO_EI30/30 dB (Rw 37 dB) technical information


Structure: Door panel’s thickness 59 mm, 6 mm MDF-surface panels, silicone insulation. Veneer an laminated doors have hardwood edge frames in the door panel’s edges. The frame is painted pine frame.

Frame depth: 92, 130, 150, 170 and 200 mm.

Doorstep Varnished oak doorstep.

Seal: Silicone sealing in the door leaf, silicone and fire-resistant seal in the frame, fire-resistant seal in the doorstep.

Surface treatment: Painted, laminated and oak-, beech- and hazelveneer. Laminated doors with lacquered edges and ends. In veneered doors the door leaf is lacquered. Frame painted.

Fittings: Adjustable burglary proof hinges NTR110x30TMRKSS (4 St.), Abloy lock case LC190, adjustable strike plate LP731. Surface fittings not included in delivery.


Accessories available for apartment doors:

  • mail slot
  • doorbell
  • peephole
  • safety lock
  • security chain