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Window and door replacement in a housing cooperative -
The stages of the project

Planning a window and door renovation can cause many questions and even biases for residents and the board of directors of the housing cooperative about the progress and implementation of the project. It is not worth moving a window and door renovation project because it is perceived as a cumbersome and lengthy project. Alavus Ikkunat Oy have decades of experience in large and small projects. Through us, everything is well managed and on schedule as the project proceeds through various stages, which are informed to the residents in good time.

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Everything starts with a model installation

The project kicks off with model installation, which is a very crucial stage. The housing cooperative decides the apartment, where the model installation will be done. The installation contains interior and exterior molding as well as the exterior flashings. The model installation will be inspected together with the representatives of the housing cooperative and a written record will be drafted, which is signed by both parties. The model installation, as the name suggests, provides a model according to which all the windows and doors will be installed to other apartments.


Measurements of windows and doors for the production

After the model installation has been approved, all windows and doors that will be renewed shall be measured for production.

The project manager will inform the date when the measurements will be taken and the contact details of the person responsible for the measuring.

The handout informs for example of the following things:

If there is no one present at the apartment, we use the universal key to enter the apartment. Bear in mind that the safety locks should be unlocked. Please inform the installers if the universal key does not fit your door and if you have pets inside the apartment.

The measurement requires no preparation on your part!

Window and door replacement work will begin during October. We will inform in advance when the work begins.


Starting the installation

As the installation is approaching, the project manager will inform you of the procedure (in which apartment installing will start) and how to prepare for the window and door renovation.

We kindly ask you to:

  • 1.5 - 2 meters of free installation space is needed in front of the windows and doors. Also hanging lamps and curtains must be removed from this space.
  • Remove curtains, blinds, thermometers et cetera, if you wish to keep them.
  • The balcony must be completely empty and the balcony glasses needs to be opened. All external electrical wiring and equipment must be disassembled from the immediate vicinity of balcony windows and doors.
  • The furniture, electronics, et cetera should be protected from the dust, for example with sheets or plastic wraps. The installers protect the floor in front of the windows with protective mats. Please, do not place plastic on the floor.
  • If you are away and have pets inside the apartment, please leave a message about it at the door.
  • If you are absent, we use the universal key to enter the apartment. Do not lock the safety locks. If the universal key does not fit your door, please inform the installers about this.

For smooth renovation, please note:

  • Normal working hours are from 07:30 - 16:00
  • Interior moldings are mounted during the following two working days, without a separate notification.
  • If the installation is obstructed by the weather (rain, strong wind, cold weather), the installer will give you a new installing time.
  • Please, do not touch the fresh installing materials (urethane, putty, paints).
  • Let the windows and doors dry in peace throughout the assembly day.

Resident surveys after installation

Once all windows and doors have been installed, each apartment will be provided with the resident questionnaires asking for any flaws / warranty repairs.

Dear apartment owner / resident!

The installation of windows and doors is now completed. Please inform us with this form of any flaws or problems you notice regarding windows and doors. Fill in and return the questionnaire to the ALAVUS mailbox, which is in stock 18.1.2020 at 12:00 at the latest.


Acceptance inspection and handover

All the feedback received from the resident surveys will be reviewed and appropriate actions will be taken based on the feedback.

In an acceptance inspection a handover inspection record is drafted, where the work is handed to the client. Once the acceptance inspection has been done, the final item from the scheduled payments shall be invoiced as well as the warranty for guarantee period shall be given to the client.

What if the renovation is delayed or has other problems?

Unexpected obstacles can occur in every renovation project. For windows and doors, additional work and contract delays can result from rotten wood and asbestos. The additional work will be done based on the hours agreed in the contract. Removal of asbestos is not part of the contract and its price and impact on the contract must be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Coordination of various works

Simultaneously contracts require good logistical thinking. The limited space of the apartment building yard should be considered when scheduling different projects. It is also good to consider the use of lifts and the stresses they cause on the lawn and yard during the molten soil.

If both windows and facade repairs are done at the same time, it can be quite challenging to coordinate the work. The window repair is technically best done with a scissor lift or mast lift, while facade repairs are usually done with scaffolding.

The influence of the new windows and doors on the apartment

New windows and doors have many positive effects on the residents and the building itself.

Comfort in living

New windows and doors are easy to use and more acoustic than the old ones. New windows also have less washable surfaces and you do not have to suffer from the sense of draft anymore.



Beautiful and finished windows and doors bring a new look to the facade of the building.



Our apartment doors are type-approved single leaf fire doors that improve the fire safety of the apartment compared to the old double leaf doors. In the windows and balcony doors, tempered and laminated glass increases safety.


Energy saving

Heating costs are reduced significantly. Savings are also made through maintenance, as aluminum-coated windows and doors do not require annual maintenance and possible painting repairs like traditional wood windows.