Window and door installation service

We measure and install windows and door according to the customer's wishes. All you need to do is select our installation service when ordering new windows and doors, and we will take care of the rest.

Our installation network covers nearly all of Finland. We install windows and doors with many years of experience and expertise, from high-rise buildings to small private houses. We use Finnish installation firms as subcontractors, which belong to the national Reliable Partner system. This means that the company's information (taxes, mandatory employee pensions, etc.) can be viewed at www.tilaajavastuu.fi.

Installation work is done according to the customer's wishes and usually includes responsibility for measurements, removal or old windows or doors, mouldings, flashings and waste removal. The content of installation work is always reviewed separately for each site and a separate installation contract is drawn up specifying what it will include. We provide a two-year warranty for our installation work.

Remember that installation work for renovations is tax deductible. Our invoice itemises the cost of installation work to be used in applying for the tax credit for household expenses.

Contact the sales representative nearest to you and set up a meeting to receive an offer for installation and products best suited for your needs.

If you want to install windows and doors yourself, the installation instructions are included with the delivery. It is still good to bear in mind that poor installation can ruin even a good window or door.


Replacing windows and doors by Alavus style



Fill an order and installation contract and possible financing contract with our salesperson.

You will also receive an official order confirmation from Alavus Ikkunat Oy via e-mail.



Salesperson/mounter will measure your old products and check other possible articles needed in installation (scaffolding, subframe, architrave et cetera.)



We will contact you, when your products are ready to be delivered and settle a more accurate delivery time.

We will also inform your mounter about the delivery day, so he can be in touch with you about the installation day.

Taking off old products


The mounter will remove your old products and take them away with other install waste.

Installation of the new products


The mounter will install the new products and finish them as agreed in the installation contract.

Approve installation


You will approve the installation by signing a document with the mounter.



When the installation is approved, an invoice is sent to you by email or mail. Work is separated from products and freight in the invoice.

With financing the first payment is due according to the contract.



All our products and installation have guarantee.

You can check the guarantee period from our homepage part 4.

Contact our post-sales support concerning guarantee issues.



Enjoy your new and classy Alavus Windows and Doors and the save in energy that they will bring to you.

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