Alavus financingAlavus financing; 
one month without
interest or fees

Alavus financingAlavus financing is an option for private individuals that you can easily apply for on the Internet using your online bank codes, and it does not require security or co-signers. With Alavus financing one month campaign you will receive one month without fees of interest, with the first bill due within month from delivery. The decision on the application is valid for 3 months from the date of approval.

Note! If you apply Alavus Financing after you already have confirmed order and received the order confirmation, you need to inform Alavus Ikkunat (the person you have had contact) that you have applied financing. Financing need to be applied at the latest week before appointed delivery week. Example if delivery week is on orderconfirmation 34/2019, the last chance to apply financing is on week 33/2019. Financing desicion is valid for 3 months from the apply date.


  • Financing 2 500 - 30 000 €
  • Flexible payback period.
  • Affortable interest OP-prime + 6,75 %*.
  • Invoicing fee 7 €/ month
  • One month without interest or fees
  • You can pay off your entire credit in one go at no additional cost.
  • Financing interest is tax-deductible, just like a home loan, when financing a home improvement project on a permanent home.


*Financing is a one-time loan of 8.56% annual interest rate for OP-prime loan of EUR 10,000 with OP-prime interest + 6.75% (7.00% on 08/19), with an invoicing fee of 7 € / month. Estimated total cost of credit is € 12,856.01. The calculation is based on the assumption that the credit has been fully withdrawn, the interest rate and the fees and charges remain the same throughout the credit period and the loan is repaid in minimum installments (1.7% of the loan amount) every 76 months. The credit is granted by OP Yrityspankki OYJ, Gebhardinaukio 1, 00510 Helsinki.


Repayment time for this financing option is up to 84 months and does not include a credit card. Payments are equal amounts, but you can make extra payments or pay off the loan whenever you want, without added charges. In addition, interest on the loan is tax deductible. Remember that the cost of installation services included in your purchase is tax deductible.



You can apply for Alavus Financing here.