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Common questions

Features of windows and doors

What does U- and E-value mean?
U-value is the average value of how much heat a window emits (W / m²K). The lower the number is, the better the insulation capacity it has. Motiva E-value is a mathematical comparison value and tells the heating (energy) needed for square window per year. Energy class of the window (A ++, A +, A or B) is determinated through the E-value.

What does two-color painting mean?

In an openable window, the outer sash can have a different color outside, and a different color inside. For example, the outer sash is white from the inside, but part of the sash you see outside is gray.

Why does the outermost surface of the glass have frost in it?
Modern energy efficient windows can have condensation on the surface of the outermost glass, especially in autumn and spring when the humidity is high. In a well-insulated window the surface of the window becomes colder than outside air and forms frost on the glass. This doesn’t mean that the window is faulty, it just shows that it is well insulated and energy efficient. Condensation can be avoided by a frost-free glass.

Which products can I use to clean windows and doors?
Glass and wood aluminum surfaces can be cleaned with a neutral cleaning agent. Do not use alkaline products because aluminum and glass reacts with alkaline. Best results are achieved with pure water or water with a mild soap solution. Do not use cleaning products containing abrasive materials or coarse, abrasive sponges, these may scratch the surface. Remember to dry the surfaces thoroughly after cleaning.



Does Alavus Ikkunat Oy have any windows and doors in storage?
We have some windows and doors in stock in our Outlet store, but not in all sizes.

Does Alavus Ikkunat Oy offer financing?
Alavus Ikkunat Oy has two different types of financing, which you can select the one that fits best for you. You can fill out an application, together with our sale representative or apply Alavus funding by yourself through the internet, with your bank ID.

How long is the delivery time?
Normally the delivery time is around six to seven weeks from the order. The delivery time can vary due to special products, special colors or season. Delivery is announced to each offer / order.

Where are Alavus windows and doors manufactured and where does the raw material come from?
We produce everything in our own factory in Rantatöysä, Alavus. Well graded pine is the basis of our high quality. All raw materials are not available in Finland, but the materials are processed further in Finland. We have chosen Finnish subcontractors for aluminums, paints, glass and blinds.


Installing and replacement

Can you replace windows during winter?
Replacement of windows and doors can also take place during winter. A window opening is bare only for a short time and doesn’t prevent replacing the window even if it is cold outside. Installation is post-boned when it’s colder than -15 degrees Celsius or if it’s heavily raining or storming.

How is the window replacement done in practice?
Old window sashes are removed and the old frame is cut off. The old frame and insulation are removed. New window (and if necessary, a new held frame) is installed in place and as insulation, polyurethane foam is added. After this, the inside batten is installed and finally architrave and water plate are placed.

How long does the installation take?
Duration of installation depends on the site and the number of installers. Normally it takes a little more than an hour per window. During a normal working day 6-8 windows can be replaced with new ones.

Can you get a household deduction of window/door replacement?
Yes, you can file the household deduction for window and door installation work. The installation work is marked on the invoice by Alavus Ikkunat Oy, when you have bought the installation work from us.

Are our installers reliable?
Installation is done by our subcontractors and we only use companies that are on the reliable partner system (Tilaajavastuu). You can see company’s business ID, tax etc. information on We have two (2) year warranty for our installation.


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