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Customer references of Alavus Ikkunat Oy

Renovation sites

Southwest Finland

Nordkalk Oy Ab Turku

Nordkalk Oy Ab, Turku

To Nordkalk Oy Ab at Turku, 150 MSEA windows were exchanged in the summer 2017

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As Oy Kolinraitti Tampere

As Oy Kolinraitti,Tampere

Total of 159 windows, 35 balcony doors and 6 exterior doors were replaced at housing company As Oy Kolinraitti in the late summer 2017. The windows in the apartments were equipped with a ventilation hatch.

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As Oy Porin Lansipuisto

As Oy Porinlänsipuisto, Pori

Total of 137 windows and 22 balcony doors  were replaced at housing company As Oy Porinlänsipuisto in the early winter 2016.

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Harju Jyväskylä.jpg

Harju, Jyväskylä

A total of 270 windows were replaced to the site in 2017.

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Aseman koulu alavus

Aseman koulu, Alavus

At the school of Alavus Station 59 openable windows and one balcony door were replaced in summer 2017

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Suothern Finland

Hanasaaren Kulttuurikeskus Espoo

Hanasaaren Kulttuurikeskus, Espoo

For the Hanasaari Cultural Center 116 windows with the Decoral coated aluminiums were replaced in 2016

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East Finland

Lappeenranta University of Technology

Lappeenranta University of Technology

In year 2017-2018 350 windows and 150 solid windows were replaced at the Lappeenranta University of Technology.

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New sites

West Finland

As Oy Kirkkopiha Alavus

As Oy Kirkkopiha, Alavus

As Oy Kirkkopiha was supplied with 79 windows and 13 balcony doors in the summer 2015

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Southern Finland

As Oy niittypiha ja niittyhuippu

As Oy Espoon Niittytori ja Niittyhuippu, Espoo

In 2016 we delivered and installed total of 300 balcony doors and nearly 800 windows in the 24-storey As Oy Espoo Niittyhuippu and the 10-storey condominium As Oy Espoon Niittytori.

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Central- and Eastern-Finland

Ruokolahden Koulu

Ruokolahden Koulu, Ruokolahti

To Ruokalahti School was supplied with 147 windows in the autumn 2017

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