We follow the use of our website with cookies

1 What are cookies?

Quote from Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority: A cookie is a small text file that a web browser saves on a user's device. Cookies are used, for example, when a web service wants to save a user's information when the user moves from one page to another. The use of cookies always requires permission from the user.

2 What types of cookies are we using?

We use different types of cookies in our website:

  • to analyze the use of the sites
  • to develop the usability
  • to customize marketing

We obtain new information of the users and the usage of our website with the help of Google Analytics’ cookies.

We manage to customize our marketing with the help of Google Analytics and Facebook’s cookies.

More information about cookies:

3 How to manage cookies and how to remove them?

You can manage the cookies from the settings of your browser.