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  • Attractive appearance and light with fixed windows

    Attractive appearance and light with fixed windows

    Alavus windows' thermal insulation capacity and quality are among the best on the market.

Fixed windows

meka-kokonainen2014Fixed windows are, as their name indicates, fixed, in other words the window has only two surfaces to be washed and cannot be opened in any way. Even large windows and entireties can be realised using fixed windows. Today, even floor-to-ceiling windows are popular. They can be realised with the structure of a fixed window. In addition, the U-factor of a fixed window is better than that of openable windows, so the popularity of fixed windows has significantly increased in recent years.

Alavus Ikkunat Oy's window collection includes two different types of fixed windows, MEKA and EKA, as well as the wood window MEKP. The special feature of the MEKA window type is that a fixed and openable portion can be placed in the same frame.

Like openable windows, fixed windows are always manufactured to the sizes and needs of the site. Standard types of fixed windows are shown below

FIXED - Alavus wood and wood-aluminium windows
type U-factor energy classification
EKA starting at 0,59 starting at A++
MEKA starting at 0,61

starting at A++

MEKP starting at 0,61


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